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National Youth Congress 7th March 

Youth Updates!!!

Young People are not only the future of the Church, but they are also a very important part of the Church of today!  Here we celebrate some of the many things our Young People do within the parish - and beyond!

IMG_5821St. Robert’s Youth Ministry establishes a link with St. Robert’s Village in Pemba, Zambia

The young people in our parish have started a new initiative to build a link and establish friendship with the

people at St. Robert’s Village in Pemba. They have written letters, made cards and made posters to decorate their new houses.

The youth group has also made a video about our church and school community. There is also a possibility of doing a trip to Zambia to meet the people and experience their way of life. How exciting!!


St. Robert’s Church celebrates National Youth Sunday

On the feast of Christ the King – this year on Sunday 23 November - the Catholic Church in England and Wales makes young people our particular focus as a sign of how much we value them. The theme for this year, ‘How happy are you?’ knocks on the door of our heart and challenges us to look at what really brings happiness.

The young people from St. Robert’s Parish animated the youth mass to celebrate National Youth Sunday. Children from St. Robert’s Primary School led the congregation in singing the Responsorial Psalm “The Lord is my Shepherd” and the Youth SVP was commissioned during the mass. Everyone was invited after for a little party at the parish centre. It was a very exciting day for the especially for the young people in our parish. Indeed the youth is not just the future of the church but the “PRESENT”.


St. Robert’s Youth Group and Youth SVP organised an afternoon tea and Carol singing for the elderly members of the community at Apley Grange

Young people from our parish have very kindly given up their time to spend an afternoon with the elderly members of our community at Apley Grange. The young people enjoyed their conversations with the residents and learned more about their lives. They also made Christmas cards and posters that were given as presents to the residents. Last year, the young people raised money to buy park benches and tables the elderly can enjoy during summer. It was indeed a magical time!


Children and Young People’s Nativity Production

About 80 children and young people animated and brought the story of Jesus’ birth to life during the Mass of the Nativity on Christmas Eve. The young people worked really hard to put together a musical production that tells the story of Jesus in a different and creative way.


Youth Group and Children’s Liturgy Group’s “Act of Kindness”

The Youth Group and Children’s Liturgy team raised money and sponsored some children and their families to watch the Pantomime at the Harrogate Theatre. These are the children and families the SVP is supporting. Some of the kids have very sad background. They also raised enough money to buy the children ice cream, toys and souvenirs. They said that watching the pantomime was the best day in their life ever! Thanks to the young people for this brilliant idea!


Looking ahead…

  • Youth Masses is on 22nd March, 26th April, 24th May, 28th June 6:00 pm. Everyone is welcome!
  • National Youth Conference 7th March at Wembley Arena. Thanks to the generosity of the Catenians for sponsoring the tickets. 14 young people have signed up to go.
  • Firs Holy Communion Sunday 10th May 9:00 and 11:30 am masses
  • Confirmation Mass 31st May 6:00 pm at St. Robert's Church


Youth Masses

Youth Masses are becoming a regular addition to our worship here at St Robert's.  During these Sunday Masses, we encourage our Young People to help in the preparation of the liturgy, as well as leading music, reading, intercessions, collecting, welcoming, and even liturgical dance!

Liturgical dancers lead a reflection at the end of Mass

Musicians of all abilities are welcomed and encouraged to take part


Confirmation Candidates Pilgrimage to Walsingham

A minibus full of eager Confirmation Candidates from St Robert's and St Aelred's journeyed to Walsingham as part of their programme of preparation

We arrived at the Slipper Chapel, which is the Roman Catholic National Shrine, and here we offered prayers and intercessions before the image of Our Lady and lit candles for the intentions of others in the Holy Ghost Chapel

Outside the Slipper Chapel

We then set off to the village, where we were to check-in to our accommodation at the Anglican Shrine

We stayed in two medieval cottages, Mileham and St Edwards, which made for a very comfortable stay!

Once settled in, we then went on a walking tour of the village, taking in many of the sights, and much of the history of this beautiful and prayerful place

Pilgrims outside the Slipper Chapel

Cooling off with Sr Jane Louise


Walking the 'Holy Mile' barefoot (after a dynamic risk assessment!!)

Checking for blisters, none...just dirty feet!

After our prayerful pilgrimage walk, blessed with the absence of any injuries, we prepared to have our dinner and then we met together for the torchlight procession with the Anglican Pilgrims that evening

Our pilgrims were invited to lead the Procession

More photos to follow!


 Holy Week & Easter 2013

On Good Friday morning, a number of our Children's Liturgy Group met for Stations of the Cross around the grounds of the Convent at Apley Grange - a cold day - but a warm welcome!



On the evening of Good Friday, Stations of the Cross, written and produced by Mgr Donal, were enacted by some of our young people.  Our picture above shows rehearsals, but on the evening the church was lit using atmospheric lighting techniques!



 January 2013 - Visit to the American Airbase 


Fr John Marsh and the Youth Ministry Team at Menwith Hill, welcome members of our Youth Group to visit, to take part in ten-pin bowling, Mass and food!

The weather lent itself to further challenges!

A mini-snowman competition!

A slightly larger snow-man!

A modern take on a classic snowman!