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Our Lady Immaculate and St Robert


 Welcome to St Robert's Church in Harrogate!

[St Robert's Church & Presbytery from Robert Street]

Whether you are a regular parishioner at St Robert’s or a visitor to Harrogate, you are very welcome.  We are a large and welcoming Catholic Community in the centre of Harrogate, serving people in and around our beautiful Spa Town.  There is always something happening here, and we invite you to come and find out more!  We hope that this website will give you the information you require regarding life at St Robert’s Catholic Church.


[St Robert's Church from the Church Car Park]



                                                                                                                                                                                       Sanctuary renovations have been progressing over the last year and are now nearly completed.

Sanctuary from loft

The Chapels of the Sacred heart and St Joseph have also been redecorated: 

St Joseph

St Joseph

Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart


St John Fisher School Chapel - A Chapel of Ease

[The exterior of St John Fisher School Chapel]

[The interior of St John Fisher's School Chapel, a Sunday Mass is offered here at 10.15am]


[The Sanctuary of St John Fisher School Chapel]


Eastertide 2013



   [Easter Day, the Resurrection of Our Lord!]



 [The Paschal Candle – the sign that Jesus has beaten the darkness of sin and death by light of his resurrection]


  [Easter Lillies]

[The Lady Chapel at St Robert's]




To be a truly serving faith community responding to the call of God where we all celebrate, care and support each other and are active in our Parish Community.


We will become fully aware of ourselves as a ‘Ministering Community’, all part of the Body of Christ. We recognize that, through Baptism, we each receive a calling from the Lord to work in our many different ways. We will feel spiritually encouraged to be active in our Parish Community.  We will be a gathering place where all feel welcome.


1)       The Parish Pastoral Council

The purpose of the Council is:

  • To be the Group which oversees all the activities in the Parish, guiding and directing it towards our vision of being a  ‘Ministering Community’.  The guiding ethic will be one of service to the Parish.

In fulfilling this purpose it will:

  • Provide effective guidance, leadership and decision making in the Parish
  • Take responsibility for delivering the changes which may be necessary to become a fully ‘Ministering Community’...and to oversee the progress of these changes
  • Be fully representative of the Parish Community it oversees.

It is envisaged that the current Council will therefore require re-constituting and will require a larger and more representative Group than at present.

2)       Ministry Groups

We will aim to strengthen our existing Ministry Groups, examining the particular call of each Ministry and the practicalities in exercising that call well.  Each Ministry Group will seek to enrich what it does for the Parish recognising that their chosen vocation is part of its calling from the Lord. It will seek to understand more deeply its purpose thereby serving the Parish in a more fulfilling way. These Ministries should embrace all of the activities of the Parish; every participating Parishioner should recognise that they are part of the spiritual family of St Roberts. St Roberts should be served by the following Ministries:

  1. Eucharistic ministers  
  2.  Readers  
  3.  Sacramental preparation and Journey in Faith ministers  
  4.  Youth Ministry, Brownies, Guides and Children’s Liturgy
  5.  Music            
  6.  Pastoral ministries – SVP, bereavement counselling, carers    
  7.  Welcomers, cleaners, collectors, altar servers, flower arrangers     
  8.  Liturgy Group             
  9.  Bidding Prayer preparation          
  10.  Administrative groups e.g. Finance


Most of these are already active to varying degrees, others exist as a loose grouping of Parishioners, others need forming.

Monsignor Donal Lucy